Making Quality Camping Food 101

Making Quality Camping Food 101

Going on a camping outing with a group of friends or family, and need some direction on what to take?  I have been an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast for 30 years.  It is amazing to be outdoors and enjoying nature.  However, it doesn’t have to be with cheap food that is not good.  One of the great experiences about camping is having great food.  There is nothing like a beautiful day in nature with great people and great food.  This can and will make your camping experience so much better.  Settling for a bunch of cold cuts and chips are not enough for camping.  Here we will address how to eat like a king in nature.

It is true that food can be a little cumbersome when camping.  Some of it needs to be refrigerated and kept separate from all the critters swarming around.  However, there are some ways to minimize your efforts.

First, appoint someone as head chef and in charge of the culinary activities.  This does not mean that this person has to do all the work, just that this person is in charge.  The head chef can be in charge of getting food or delegating someone to get food.  You then pool this money and divide it up for each camper to pay before you head into the wilderness.  After camping many people are very tired and eager to get home.  Paying before saves a headache when tearing down camp.

Second, I would recommend that you store all the food in one or two coolers.  This way it is organized and nothing is out of place.  You know where the ice needs to go and how much you will need for food and drinks.

Third, unless the chef is willing to cook everything, then everyone needs to do their part.  There is nothing more annoying than everyone helping out around the campground and one or two people sitting around and not pitching in.  This person never gets invited back the next camping trip.  While you are camping do more and expect less and all the work that goes into camping will go very smoothly.

Forth, the chef should have a plan for each meal.  This minimizes unnecessary decision making and keeps everything on task.

Fifth, Stove vs. Fire, Cooking on a fire can create some great meals, some of the most rich tasting meat and veggies are cooked on the open flame.  However, it is good to have a stove for back up.  If it rains then the open fire idea may be shot.

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Travel Backpacks 101–Finding the Right One for You

Did you know that they now are making backpacks for all different types of travelers and traveling?  No matter where you are going to travel or how you are going to do it there is a backpack out there that will fit your needs.  There are backpacks for laptops, students, day hiking, trekking, toddlers, children, professionals, making a fashion statement, hydration backpacks, and now there are travel backpacks made specifically for lugging them on and off airplanes and busses.  There is no doubt about it travel backpacks have hit the market, are not going away, and make travel easy and comfortable.  Here we will go into detail about travel backpacks, what is out there to offer people, and assist you in finding the best for you.

The Evolution

Backpacks started out for students and campers that would use them for lugging their books or equipment around to the desired location.  Many times they were uncomfortable and awkward to wear.  Traveling luggage started out as one big rectangle suitcase that was to be carried with one hand.  These also were uncomfortable and awkward to carry.  Now if you walk through an airport you will see all different types of suitcases and travel backpacks with wheels, handles and sometimes it is as if the suitcases even drive themselves.

The Ultimate Travel Backpack

Now, in its ultimate evolution we now have a combined suitcase and backpack creating a travel backpack that can carry just as much cargo as any other option.  The travel backpack can be wheeled around like the suitcases and also worn as a backpack with a belt strap if need be.  It is the ultimate backpack and suitcase for any travel situation.


The great thing about them is that they also give options when choosing a travel backpack.  This meaning that there are travel backpacks made for children, military, youth, professionals, college students, and just about any other person that would need a backpack for traveling.  There are also travel backpacks that double as duffel bags.  These can be used for overnight bags or suitcases to lug around the world.


Travel backpacks will of course vary in prices.  Most of the time you will get what you pay for.  It is recommended that you either look at the bag in person to determine the quality or search for reviews online.  Many times the picture online can be deceiving and not be the size or quality that you need.  This happened to me when purchasing a hiking backpack.  I found the backpack I needed and the price I was looking for.  Only to find out that the backpack was smaller than expected.  I then returned the backpack and found a larger one for cheaper.  High quality, cheap backpacks are easy to find online if you do some research and know exactly what you are getting.  You can find travel backpacks for up to 80% off and more.  We hope you enjoy your travels and hope you enjoy your travel backpack.

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Leather Backpacks 101–Shopping for One and Finding the Best for You!!!

Leather backpacks have been around for decades now and are still very popular and going strong.  There are great for school, work, or part of your fashion ensemble.  Many people use them for outdoor sporting activities as well.  They are great, durable, and usually made of with a high quality that can last for years with wear and tear.  Leather backpacks is a fashion item that began in the 1990’s and have spread like wildfire.  They were no longer the old backpack that your father had from Boy Scouts when he was a kid.  Leather backpacks are now a hot item and many women love having one or two or three.  Finding the best one for you is really easy however, there are a few things to look for so you find not only a good deal, but the backpack that you want and one that will last you a long time.

Regular Leather Backpacks for Men and Women

Men have been using leather backpacks for years.  They first started out as backpacks for camping and military use.  Then they evolved into a backpack/briefcase.  Now not only are they still used for campers and military (not nearly as much) they are more commonly seen as a useful backpack that can blend in at the office, class, or part of your outfit.

Leather Backpack Purses

A growing trend not only in the US but also around the world is women now using a leather backpack purse.  They are great for all types of women.  Many professional women are using them as a combo between a purse and a briefcase.  Many female students use them for hopping from class to class without the worry of having a purse and a backpack.  Many women like these because they can still be fashionable while at the same time being very effective.  They are also great for athletic women that need backpacks to carry their sporting equipment or clothes.  While at the same time being used for a night on the town or carrying paperwork for the office.

Shopping Online

The great thing about shopping online is the convenience and the availability of the products.  Now we can shop at stores 1000 miles away like they are right next door.  The down side is that you cannot actually view and test the product out unless you buy.  Because of this reason it is a good idea to shop locally to find the product you want and the quality you want.  There are places all over to find leather backpacks.  Then if you want to compare prices online (highly recommended) you can see if you can find a better deal.  Many times you can find backpacks up to 80% off retail price and that might even include shipping and handling.  This way you know the quality of the product and the value that you are getting.  If you do choose to shop for your leather backpack online it is recommended to shop at a store that has a great reputation for their products and great review or that you check many reviews so you know the product that you are getting.

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Merrell Chameleon Review–Is the shoe for you?

Merrell has become one of the most popular brands in the past decade for outdoor footwear.  They are known for their innovation and extremely high quality products.  Of these products one of the most known and best sellers are the Merrell Chameleon models.   Their models are some of the best know of Merrell products.  They are constantly being improved and made better each new product that is released.  This is probably why Merrell has now sold in over 150 different countries and has annual revenue of over $500 million.  Once worn outdoors most people are very happy with the Chameleons and the performance that they give.  Hiking, walking, and running outdoors can throw off many people without the proper shoes.  These shoes are designed to feature all the protection that one may need or experience in the wild while at the same time keeping your feet feeling comfortable and healthy.

The Merrell Chameleon is designed and produced specifically for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, backpacking, and running.  They come prepared to be used and abused and the quality of them will still last.  The soles are made out of vibram rubber, which gives the shoe a sticky feel for traction.  The same rubber is used in professional climbing shoes.  The Chameleons are made from a variety of different products depending on the model.  They could be made from rubber, cloth, suede or leather.  They are breathable shoes that are designed to manage a lot of wear and tear in the outdoors.  The shoes are also produced with a compression molded EVA foot frame that prevents any slipping and blistering.  Many people will wear these shoes even without socks and not know a difference.

Currently there are 15 different models of Merrell Chameleons that are designed to endure everything from hiking, backpacking, running, trail running, trekking, water resistant, underwater and made for men, women, and kids of all ages.  Merrell takes in every piece of knowledge they can from outdoor enthusiast and creates shoes and socks for them.  They also tailor a specific fit for each gender.  Most shoe manufacturers do not do this.  For women they have created the Merrell Chameleon Arc that offers a narrower fit.  This fit creates better support for women while at the same time tailoring the shortness as well.

Merrell have become know as some of the best outdoor shoes for a reason.  Once you get these shoes on your feet there is no mistaking they are a superior shoe.  Once you get them outdoors you will be sold for life. They are some of the best shoes money can buy and you will get more value out of them then what you paid.  Any outdoor adventure you find yourself in you will be glad that you had these shoes along with you.

Merrell Chameleons represent some of the best buys on the market and have some of the best reviews ever for outdoor shoes.  On top of that they are pretty stylish as well.

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Finding Good Quality Backpacks for Discount Prices–Cheap Backpacks for You

Whether you are an avid backpacker, a fashion enthusiast or just looking for a decent backpack to use at school for a decent price, finding a cheap backpack that will be durable and last through the abuse is possible and very probable.  There are a few tricks and key places to look to find a premium, high quality, cheap backpack.  Here we will discuss those places and assist you so you know exactly what you are looking for.

Hiking Backpacks

The avid hiker knows the importance of having a high quality backpack.  Nothing is worse that being in the backcountry and you backpack starts to fail.  The strap comes loose and will not buckle again can be detrimental to your trek.  Having a quality backpack is not only a good idea, it is a necessity.  I have a Kelty Red Cloud 6650 that retails for around $250.  It is one of the top backpacks on the market. In a minute I will tell you how I got it for about 60% off the retail price.

Backpacks for School

We all know the importance of having a backpack for school.  Sometimes our classes are so far away from each other that we need our backpacks to carry multiple books and paperwork just to make it to class on time.  Having a backpack that can take the wear and tear of a student and the weight of all your books is very important and a necessity in school today.  Cheap backpacks that have a high quality are very easy to find.

Fashion Backpacks

Today students and backpackers do not only use backpacks, professionals, toddlers, and fashion models also use them.  Today a backpack makes a statement of who you are and who you want to be.  If you search the term ‘toddler backpacks’ you will find that there are tons and tons of backpacks for all different types of children.  There are also backpacks that are substituting for briefcases.  Many women prefer them to the old briefcase and so do many young men now days.  We will also show you how to find cheap backpacks to support your professional needs or fashion statements.

Backpacks Online

Online searching for high quality, cheap backpacks is without a doubt the way to go.  If you are looking for a hiking backpack it is recommended to go to an outdoor store first so you can see what you are going to get and try it on.  Ordering the backpack before you test it a little is usually not a wise idea for hiking backpacks.  After you try it on then look online to find the deal you are searching for.  For me I saved a ton of money doing this for my hiking backpack.  To find a backpack for school or a backpack to meet your fashion needs then purchasing online is easy and there is usually no need to try it on first.   You can find these for a discount of up to 80% or more.  Follow these steps to find high quality cheap backpacks.

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Is a 3 Man Tent for You???

Looking for a 3 man tent?  3 man tents generally go will for couples camping.  It will leave you plenty of room for your food and gear with space for both of your bed rolls.  Keep in mind as with most tents it is possible to fit 3 men in this tent, however not very probable with gear.  It will also be pretty cosy with 3 grown men in this then.  Most tents are measured by how many grown men they can fit in a tent with no extra space.  We recommend camping with 1 or 2 less people in the tent than what is recommended.  So comfortably you can fit 2 people in a 3 man tent.

The Internet is a great place to shop for tents and camping equipment these days.  You can find anything online and compare prices with in seconds.  To find some great deals on tents shop here  Here you can find easy access to some great camping websites.

If you are a first time camper or tent buyer, I might recommend you going to a camping retail store and speaking to a specialist.  I would recommend setting the tent up in the store, and getting in it.  A lot of times the tents look bigger from the outside.  When you get in a tent you might find that it is relatively smaller that you had hoped for.  Setting the tent up will give you an idea of how easy or hard it is to set up.  Most of the newer tents are pretty easy to erect.  However, it is always good to try it out before you buy.

We hope you do enjoy your 3 man tent or any tent you decide to use.  Camping is one of our favorite pastimes and we hope it will be for you as well.

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Thinking About a 2 Man Tent?

Camping has been a favorite for families, friends, and individuals alike.  There is something about being in nature that people just love.  The neat thing about it is that all different types of people camp.  It is a pastime that in not just limited to certain people.  Having a good tent can make or break your camping experience.

We will discuss some things to consider when finding a 2 man tent.  These options will ensure that you find the tent that is right for you.  2 man tents are specific for certain types of camping.  If you are camping with your family and want all of you under the same roof then a 2 man tent may not be a good idea.  However, if you there is just one or two of you, this type of tent will be perfect.  It also works well if your the parents and want to put the kids in another tent.  Then you and your sweetie can have some private time together.

There are some important things to consider when looking for a 2 man tent.  Being an avid and regular camper here is my number one suggestion–QUALITY.  There is nothing that can compare to a well-made tent.  Here is why.  You may not be a serious camper, but that tent will come in handy one day.  I currently use a Eureka 2 man tent.  This tent was purchased by my uncle in the late 70′s or early 80′s.  It is light weight, and still as durable as the day it was made.  He was an avid camper and used it a lot.  However, he passed away and my parents inherited it.  They are not regular campers….I am.  That tent sat in the basement for over 10 years!  I got it out and started using it, and now it is my primary tent.  I use it all the time and it is perfect.  It is a great quality tent and around 30 years old!

Here is reason number two–When you are camping a tent is your comfort zone and place of shelter.  If you have a poor quality tent and have a rain storm, your camping experience can be very miserable.  If you have a high quality tent and are very comfortable inside during storms then camping can be a great experience in all sorts of weather.

A few other important aspects to consider depend on you and what type of camping you are doing.  If you are backpacking the a light-weight 2 man tent is very important.  Ease of erection is also very important when pitching a tent for some.  I like the option of sitting up in a 2 man tent so I can enjoy my time inside the tent during bad weather. Venting is huge on those hot summer days and windows are great as well.

When you are camping the tent is your home and place of comfort. Making sure that place is ideal for you and your fellow campers can make your experience a great one!  Chris Reynolds recommends 2 man tents including pop up tents, lightweight, perfect for backpacking and all of them waterproof!

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The Basics of Canvas Tents

Dating way back to the 1800’s armies would use canvas tents for their camps.  If you remember pictures of the American Civil War, the tents they used were canvas.  Today, we still use canvas tents.  The military love these tents because they make for good long-term camps.  Many campers are still using these tents.

We will discuss a little about the benefits and liabilities of using a canvas tent.  They still have many good uses, it just depends on the type of camping you are planning on.

Military, scouts, hunters all consider these tents because the are durable, long lasting, hold in hot or cool air well and they are made for long-term camping.  Usually, canvas tents are built with a lot of space.  Standing room, sleeping room and storage room are all considered when manufacturing these tents.

A canvas tents is steady and durable.  It is a solid tent that will last through storms.  The material is made to be waterproof.  Many people use these for longer-term winter camping.  The canvas can withstand the wind, snow, rain and is amazing at holding in heat.  Some are even designed to have a wood burning stove to keep the heat in.

The material in canvas is breathable, which means that condensation is not accrue on the inside of your tent.  During damp weather condensation can seep through a tent.  However, with a canvas tent this won’t happen.

There are a few downfalls to this tent.  They are a solid material and can last for decades, however due to the weight they are not the easiest to transport.  They are not made for backpacking because they are too heavy.  They are not good nor weekend camping or camping for a days because it is not even worth setting up.  Especially if the tent is moist, then the canvas can become extremely heavy.

The tent is mostly waterproof unless you touch it while it has water on the other side.  This happens because when moisture hits the canvas the small holes in the material swell.  If it is touched or moves then the reverse happens and water will seep through.

You must also measure the cost of a canvas tent.  If you are planning multiple long-term adventures over the next few years a canvas tent may be for you.  If you are only camping a weekend or two a year then a lighter weight tent may be a better option for you.

Whatever you choose, best of luck in your adventure!!!  Live well, feel good and never loose adventure.

Chris Reynolds is an avid camper for 30+ years, who has camped all over the world.  To learn more and find great deals on camping and camping products go to

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Cheap Tents 101

When you think of cheap tents, what comes to mind?  Good deal, bad quality?  Well, this page will navigate you to the right direction to find cheap (inexpensive) tents with good quality.  There are plenty of great tents today and great deals.  We will show you where to find those and what to look for.

Being an avid camper in all types of weather I always recommend finding a high quality tent.  Why? Because a good quality tent can last you years.  Even if you camp multiple times in a year the higher quality tents can last a long time.  So the best solution would be to find a good quality tent for low cost.  Finding an inexpensive buy and a great deal.

Depending on your camping experience, there are two routes we can go.  If you are a novice camper it might be best to go to a camping store or speak to a few different experienced campers to see if they can lead you in the best direction.  Explain to them what you are looking for exactly, and if you don’t know then ask then their opinion on what you need.  I would recommend going to 2 or 3 different stores and speak to the camping expert at each one.  Find out what you need then go online and follow the directions in the next paragraph.

If you are an experienced camper, have set up many tents and know what you are looking for then I would recommend to go immediately online.   If you don’t know what the higher quality brands are just google tents and the ones that are higher price are usually higher quality.  Hence, you get what you pay for.  Next, google cheap tents, or inexpensive tents and see what pops up.  Look for the qualities that you need in a tent and the brands.  You can really find great deals up to an 81% discount online.  If you have any question about legitimacy the check reviews and if you still question it….then I say it is better to go with your intuition and just look for another online store.

To find some great quality tent for great prices follow this link.  I hope you enjoy your camping experience and wish you well finding a great tent.  Remember, quality is key in the wilderness.  It can make your camping experience so much better.

Chris Reynolds is an avid camper for 30+ years.  To find cheap tents and great camping products go to

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Professional Advice for Cabin Tents

Being in the great outdoors helps you forget about the rat race of life and gives you some peace of mind.  Camping is a completely different type of vacation.  It can create a unique bond in a short weekend that shows the family and friends the great outdoors and teaches them a ton of new things.  We will address a few key options when searching for a 6 man tent.  This will make your decision easy and fun!

What is key about a 6 man tent is that there is so much space that you will never run out of room for gear or food.  These tents are great even if you are bunking with only 2,3, or 4 people because there is so much room that it make camping a little more comfortable.  Remember, a tent becomes your home and comfort zone, when you are camping and to have a comfortable sleeping area can make your experience so much better.  What is also really amazing is that most tents are pretty easy to set up as well.

I have been camping for my entire life, using all different tents in all different types of weather.  I want to share with you a couple of the most important recommendations when shopping for a 6 man tent.  The most important is quality!  A cheap-o tent will do the job in perfect weather and with little to no abuse, but once it gets knocked around a little it will be worthless.  The tent I use now is approaching 30 years old and is as good today as it was new.  It recently just survived the Arizona Monsoon season.  Quality is number one.  This includes double stitched seams and floor.

My second recommendation is making sure it is easy to put up.  Nine times out of ten if you purchase a quality tent it will be easy to put up.  However, some can be a big pain to erect.  I would recommend that it is easy enough to put up so the kids can do it.  Having a good quality tent that can last years and put up with abuse will make such a big difference in your camping experience.

Now if you are shopping online the question might be ‘How will I know if it is a quality tent and if it is easy to put up?’. Great question, this will help you.  Most of the time tents are pretty inexpensive.  Unless you are looking for a tent that will survive the hike up Mt. Everest.  Check out the price range, and then pick out a tent that is middle/higher end pricing.  Review its characteristics.  Most online stores will go all out to provide you with superior service, so give them a call or shoot them an e-mail.   Ask for the most qualified person there and then ask him or her about the tent, its quality and the ease of erection.  Ask the professional if they were in your shoes…”what would you do?”.

Take your time and be comfortable with your decision.  You are making an investment into your life and your family’s life.  Follow the directions and follow the links from this page.  Good luck finding your 6 man tent.  Live will, laugh often, and dream big!

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